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Details on the Company Design Bundle by Design Boulevard including logo, branding, photography, website and merchandise design
Logo design in the company design bundle

Logo Design

Your logo is where everyone has their first interaction with your company and that first impression will tell them a lot about the type of company you are and also the way you're choosing to present yourself.

I create your logo using your company core values as the base, this ensures that whatever result is achieved the message is still the right one.

After agreeing on the design I then move forward and create the different versions you might need for all print and digital uses.

Printed Stationery

With all my experience creating business cards and letterheads for big companies you can feel confident in me to set up your artwork for any printed stationery that will support the day to day running of your business.

Having custom letterhead paper and compliment slips can give a real boost to your image in the minds of people that interact with your company.

Printed stationery in the company design bundle
Website design in the company design bundle

Website Design

I have some very flexible options for your website creation, dependent on your functionality needs.

The URL purchase, hosting and then building of your website is all handled for you and based on an agreed layout from visual mock ups that I will show you in the planning phase.

Of course even if your services aren't offered digitally and online it still makes sense to have a professional and clean website for the people who will inevitably search for your services.

Print Materials

Your brand identity is something you should want to protect and I understand that better than most after my years of experience creating artwork for giant international companies with strict brand guidelines.

Whether you want large banners or window vinyls or even packaging I can stay true to your brand whilst also creating impressive visuals to grab people's attention.

Print materials in the company design bundle
Mobile devices in the company design bundle

Mobile Devices

Every website I create comes with a mobile or small screen equivalent. Having a website that works correctly on the smaller display is very important as the number of people browsing websites on their phones quickly overtakes those using laptops and desktop PCs.

I will make sure that the website I create for you translates correctly when viewed on a small screen and gets the important points across so that your message isn't lost on its way to potential customers.

Printed Stock and Merchandise

To make things as easy as possible, as well as designing your various materials I can also source the print by utilising my experience and contacts in this field.

If you want tee shirts, mugs, uniforms or even candy, I can source and deliver these to you with no hassle and perfect reproduction of your logo on the various materials.

Printed stock and merchandise in the company design bundle
Social media in the company design bundle

Social Media

If you're selling to individuals then you will want to make sure you utilise the powerful tools available to you through Facebook and Twitter.

When creating your brand I will always keep in mind how that can be translated on to your social media pages. Having a strong icon will help your voice be heard and found by potential customers that are actively looking for you. I also create cover images that continue the quality of your identity.

Improve your brand image with the company design bundle

With all this combined what you now have is a strong and recognisable brand ready to take on the competitors and start forming a connection with the public and prospective customers. I am in a great position to create a brand like this for you and with my broad range of design skills you only have to trust the design with one person rather than worrying about the message getting lost between designers of the different mediums.


Please contact me for more details and pricing.

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