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crafty harbour

If you think designing for yourself is difficult then you haven’t tried designing for your girlfriend. A while ago she’d made a start on selling some of the results of her crafting hobbies and needed a logo/brand image that she could use on her Etsy page. I didn’t have much time to put something proper together which was probably the reason why 6 months later she approached me again to make a real effort this time.


I started with a basic illustration of an anchor which is a visual representation of the name. From that I moved to creating various sizes of logo that could be used on all the different social media sites. Examples of the previous look of these are within this stream of images so that you can compare. The result should prove to be a stronger and more recognisable brand that even seeing just the anchor icon is enough to know who you’re dealing with.


I also take the product photography which is used on the Crafty Harbour Etsy page, and a recent project had me creating an illustration for use on a mobile phone case which was my first real experience creating digital art.

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