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juvida clinics

I was approached by a new start up company called Juvida Clinics who will be providing hair transplant treatments and are opening their first clinic in the first quarter of 2016.


They actually had a logo already but weren’t confident and wanted to see if I could improve it. After some conversation we decided that actually a total redesign, using my method of focusing on the company core values, would make the most sense and provide the best result.


After sketching out some simple shapes based on Growth, New Life and Care I then moved to working within Illustrator. Deciding on some suitable fonts I then worked up 3 ideas using colour pallets that would reinforce the brand messages. I also supported these with corresponding icons that will be used for social media purposes.


Along with the logo design I have also supplied visuals of what the online presence could be for this company, along with the stationery designs. If you would like this treatment for your company please check out the Company Design Bundle

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