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UPVC Spray painting

Sometimes it can be frustrating when you work on a company branding and it takes months before you start seeing it used or even have it go unused entirely because of varying circumstances, that wasn't the case with this project. Within one month I managed to create the logo and company look from nothing to a complete brand including website.


With great constructive feedback from the client and me being very happy with the design as I progressed with it meant that the energy didn't let up and it quickly progressed from some rough logo ideas to an established design that you can see working in the competitive market of custom painted UPVC.


The colour scheme is loud as well as pleasant and I've used dispersing dots to symbolise the action of spraying. I noticed the competition use spray guns and other very literal images which is something I tried to avoid and the resulting pattern is something that UPVC Spray Painting can take forward as their own and be very recognisable with.


If you'd like to view the full website as well as take in more of what I can offer start up companies like this please take a look at

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